Flood Insurance

Flood InsuranceFLOODING IS THE MOST COMMON AND COSTLY DISASTER IN THE UNITED STATES AND CAN HAPPENANYWHERE. Anywhere it can rain, it can flood-so we all live in a flood zone, and we all live with the risk of flood damage to our property. As a homeowner, it's important to insure your home and personal belongings. Even if your home is in a low- or moderate-risk flood zone, purchasing a flood insurance policy is highly recommended. It provides you with financial protection from a flood event. Flood damage isn't covered by standard homeowners insurance policies, and just a few inches of floodwater can end up costing thousands of dollars in repairs. More than 25 percent of flood insurance claims come from properties that are not in an identified high-risk zone, but most homeowners in these areas are eligible for coverage at a preferred rate.

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